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XLCubed extends what’s possible with data-connected Excel, giving users the agility they need in reporting while retaining data integrity for IT. Interactive, responsive reports can be shared with web and mobile users within a fully governed model.
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XLCubed and Fluence Technologies

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TORONTO - November 2, 2021 - Fluence Technologies has today announced the acquisition of XLCubed. The acquisition is a great fit and provides a platform for accelerated growth for both companies. For more detail and our plans going forward see our customer announcement below.

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Get Connected

Connect extended Excel directly to a wide range of corporate data sources. 

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Data-Connected Excel

We optimise Excel for all aspects of reporting and analytics. Users connect directly to corporate data, removing the risks of Excel as a database, and addressing the frustrations and limitations of Pivot Tables. Intuitive calculations, dynamic  selections and deep Excel integration gives users unrivalled flexibility with a low learning curve.

Best Practice Data Visualisation

XLCubed provides concise, interactive charting to help you gain a deeper understanding of your data. With waterfalls, business scenarios and trend comparisons, users can build highly informative and consistent reports in a matter of moments.

Use Cases

icon Business scenario analysis
icon Time series and structural analysis
icon Variance analysis
icon Contribution analysis

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IBCS certification badge

IBCS Certified

Build reports fully compliant with International Business Communication Standards, enabling you to create consistent designs for clear and meaningful communication.

"You feel it immediately when using XLCubed: This is software made by finance people for finance people. Excel reporting 100% compliant with IBCS."

Dr. Rolf Hichert, IBCS Certification Team

Reporting with the IBCS standards

Web and Mobile Sharing

Reports developed in Excel can be shared across your organisation quickly and securely. Access published reports through XLCubed Web in a governed and data-connected environment, on any device.

The Reporting & Analytics Tool You've Been Looking For

XLCubed offers the advanced features of a bespoke analytics tool within the flexible reporting environment of Excel. Leverage your existing skills to quickly create reports that work for your business.

Self-Serve Reporting

Users quickly become highly productive,  gaining control of their reporting and analysis needs. Urgent requests can be delivered quickly, allowing IT to focus on the data-platform rather than responding to ad-hoc business reporting needs.

Professional Dashboards

Best-practice reports and dashboards are designed in Excel and shared with Web and Mobile users in seconds. The responsive, device optimised reports remain data-connected and are deployed within a fully governed model. 


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