A History of Excellence

For over a decade XLCubed have provided the most flexible and accessible Analysis Services client tools for business users. We now connect to a wide range of additional data platforms including SAP HANA, Oracle Essbase , Microsoft Power BI and relational databases.

A History of Excellence

Making "Save To Excel" A Thing Of the Past

XLCubed grew from the reporting requirements of an Oil sector pricing solution in the early 2000s. An analytics layer had been developed in Microsoft Analysis Services, with a standalone slice and dice tool and comprehensive reports. Despite that it seemed all the users wanted to do was ‘save to Excel’ for further analysis or formatting.

A Better Way

We felt there had to be a better way and developed the forerunner of XLCubed, aiming to provide enough flexibility in data-connected Excel to avoid the need for static saving. Others agreed - fast forward to today and XLCubed is a standalone company and product with over 750 customers including many household names.

Modern Day Success

We remain Excel-centric, but with governed and highly scalable Web and Mobile deployment. Our partners and users love the inherent flexibility, and we now provide support for a growing range of data sources. In the words of one leading industry analyst “There is nothing else in the market today quite like it”. And the original Fuels Pricing package from which XLCubed grew? It’s now pricing for over 40,000 gas stations and 100,000 wholesale buyers globally: FuelsPricing.com. It also has a fantastic embedded reporting and analytics package…

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