Having carried out the analysis on the interactive report, we now need to prepare a final version of the report to formally communicate the expected Covid impacts to management. The cvLeadCase forecast is what the FP&A team believe is the most likely, and we will create an annotated version of the report showing this forecast compared to the Final Plan for 2020, which strategic and operational decisions will have been based on.

To do that we simply select ‘PlanF’ and ‘cvLeadCase’ in the slicers, and then use XLCubed Message to highlight the report area to be annotated. In this case we will just use the P&L waterfalls and associated variances, and ‘Create Message’.

Once in the Message environment we have an editable canvas where we can quickly and easily add an overall ‘Message’ which the report communicates and which references some of the key data. The data referenced in the Message can be quickly highlighted by clicking on the data label and adding a highlight.

Message Edit Dialog

Beneath the Message we also add consistent titles, following the 3-line IBCS approach of showing who, what and when the report relates to. In addition, we can add numbered comments, and show vertical or horizontal deltas as required through the right click options.  We could also choose to reposition any data labels as needed.

The Message environment lets you quickly and easily achieve a professionally annotated version of the final report explaining the key data elements, and reasons behind the changes.

The annotated report can be shared either by publishing to the XLCubed Web portal, or directly output to PowerPoint and used within presentation decks, as is the case for the board communication.

Message Output to PowerPoint


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