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We focus on charting which works for business reporting

Our approach of extending rather than replacing Excel allows us to leverage the world's best understood charting engine - Excel charts can be designed in Excel and published to XLCubed Web and give a high degree of formatting control. 

But don't stop there: we have also added a number of charting and visualisation components to address gaps in native Excel.


In-cell Charts

A wide range of chart types that display within a single cell.


A tile based visualisation representing values by colour and size.


Repeat one design across several members.

Small Multiples

Display several charts in a drillable grid.


Interactive point and shape based geospatial mapping.


A scrollable window to another part of the workbook

Design reports as you choose

All the features and formatting capabilities of Excel.

Advanced analytic capabilities and data visualisation of XLCubed.


Pixel Perfect Reporting

Formatting reports and dashboards is often more complicated than it seems. XLCubed makes it easy but utilising Excel's free canvas, meaning each element can be formatted properly, with precision, and even dynamically.

XLCubed also offers dynamic dashboards, meaning you can transform your static Excel workbook into a screen-responsive report to view on any device.

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