Tired of inflexible, labour-intensive Excel spreadsheets? We were.

Tens of thousands of businesses use Microsoft Excel for reporting and analytics every day. It's a great productivity tool, but it was never designed to be a database. Using it as one can lead to unwieldy spreadsheets, control issues, and a lot of maintenance effort.

We saw Excel’s strengths as a presentation layer and a calculation engine. We developed XLCubed to connect Excel directly to corporate dataremoving the risks of Excel-only reporting.

XLCubed is an Excel reporting tool maintaining the Excel-flexibility business users love. It addresses many of the limitations they struggle with, adding a wealth of analytics and reporting capability. It’s Excel, but not as you know it.

Excel spreadsheet showing large table of data

Extending Excel's strengths in a next-generation reporting and business analytics tool.

Many BI tools try to replace Excel, but often get used to 'save to Excel' where the final reports can then be formatted. XLCubed eliminates this step. It connects Excel directly to corporate data, providing users with extended reporting capabilities.

Share Excel-developed reports with Web and Mobile users with XLCubed Web. Reports remain data-connected and interactive whilst maintaining corporate security.

The learning curve is low, and users reach high levels of productivity in less time.

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checkmark Wide range of data connectors

checkmark Interactive charting and other data visualizations

checkmark Intuitive dynamic user calculations

checkmark Deep Excel range integration

checkmark Flexible slicers

checkmark Chain of thought report linking

checkmark Responsive dashboards

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Create Excel Reports That Will Turn Heads

Interactive charting, slice and dice analytics, dynamic dashboards? Yes please.


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Connect Excel directly a large range of data sources. Avoid the risks and time-consuming maintenance of the 'save to Excel' model.

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Generate flexible reports with a wide range of visualisation options. Experience easy to use formatting and user-defined calculations.

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Make business decisions simple with in-Excel BI. Slice and dice analytics, filtering options, and advanced sorting and ranking.

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Publish reports developed in Excel to the Web for secure, scalable sharing. Web reports can be automated for scheduled distribution. Track workbook revisions, comment on data and get live updates.

Watch XLCubed in Action

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2 Minute Overview
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4 Minute Demo
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