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All sizes of company are making business intelligence (BI) a business critical priority. Most BI tools attempt to replace Excel; XLCubed gives partners and customers complete control and flexibility in the program that is still most used by data and analytics professionals.

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Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends in the USA

Why Our Partners Love XLCubed

XLCubed is used by partners who specialise in sectors such as in retail, banking, manufacturing and product development, across many functions such as Finance, Control, Operations and Sales.

XLCubed partners enjoy steady expansion within organizations and are able start with a small yet powerful solution that grows as customers see the value XLCubed delivers. Partners also acknowledge that XlCubed “comes at a fair price point” that makes it highly competitive.

In a recent third party survey conducted of XLCubed partners, the XLCubed Support team was universally credited for rapid response and being highly knowledgeable, about XLCubed and about business intelligence. Craig Salter, CTO, and his team provide dedicated partner support to enable partners to develop their in-house capabilities and solve customer issues.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends in the USA

What are you looking for?

  • Speed of data analysis in multiple data sources, and the ability to publish reports quickly to multiple users, in multiple formats
  • Governed self-service, giving data professionals control at their level of authority.
  • The ability to enrich data models by blending data sets automatically.
  • Smarter adoption: reduced implementation and training costs.

The benefits for an XLCubed partner in the United States (USA)

XLCubed is a popular partner choice because there is a continuous software development roadmap to improve flexibility, speed, reporting and publishing for all user types.

Gary Crawford, XLCubed Chief Operating Officer, says, ““Unlike our competitors, we manage self-service data discovery and Enterprise BI in a familiar analytics add-on that works with multiple data sources.” 

  1. XLCubed OEM partners can extend their reporting capability by rebranding leading BI software.
  2. Excel-centric capability and fast web and mobile deployment accelerate sales for XLCubed partners.
  3. With XLCubed in their Analytics portfolio, OEMs gain an exciting new reporting platform to interest customers and prospects.
  4. XLCubed requires less adoption time than competing BI solutions, especially non-standard proprietary systems. Simple configuration, web and mobile deployment are core XLCubed benefits that are popular with users.
  5. Analytics capability for users, and web and mobile dashboards can be pre-configured for OEM partners to help them meet customer needs.
  1. XLCubed enables partners to distinguish solutions from other consultancies using the standard Microsoft toolset.
  2. XLCubed helps VAR partners to win more project business against competitors proposing more complex and more costly solutions.
  3. XLCubed partners like the XLCubed pricing model as it enables them to start with a powerful entry level solution that can grow organically into large user counts.
  4. Licensing revenues can rise to 50% and can grow into substantial new revenue streams.
  5. XLCubed US partner sales support. Strategic partners benefit from regional leads.

How to find out more about becoming an XLCubed partner in the USA… what happens next?

We want to demonstrate clearly that by selecting XLCubed as a partner you are making the right strategic business and commercial decision. Complete the partner program interest form. Your first conversation is likely to be with Gary Crawford, COO, who will guide you through XLCubed and partner models. Gary will also explain about marketing, user group and customer assistance that is available from XLCubed to help with sales.

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