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IIS have worked alongside the oil majors and independent oil companies for 20 years in over 50 countries on a broad range of solutions.

IIS has a major focus on Fuels pricing where we provide the software products RAMP and iRAMP, packaged solutions which operate in over 50 countries providing optimised price solutions and back office integration to multiple ERP systems. In addition to software products IIS also offers bespoke application development. We have a track record of delivering systems tailored specifically to customer requirements across multiple business areas (Wetstock Management, Order to Cash, CRM etc), often with tight 2-way integration to SAP R/3.These solutions have delivered significant benefit at a fraction of the cost of typical alternatives

RAMP Retail

The RAMP product along with its complementary modules forms a state-of-the-art application, which will support your organisation in fully assessing, analysing and amending its pricing activities. The application’s modules, which have been developed with the latest technologies, will allow your pricing analysts to take into consideration all market pricing conditions as well as related cost and fiscal elements when performing their jobs. Moreover, as it is recognised that time is money, most operations using the RAMP package are performed in Real-Time to allow a quick turnaround in decision-making. But that’s not all, RAMP will also smoothly integrate with most of your organisation’s information systems (e.g. ERP systems like SAP, or legacy systems which then communicates information to your POS consolidator) to promote an efficient flow of information where deemed relevant.

iRAMP - B2B Fuels Pricing

iRAMP assists in the pricing of fuels products for the B2B sector of the oil industry, and is specifically designed to deal with the requirements and challenges that this sector presents.

Key to iRAMP's success has been its ability to build an accurate model of the many fixed and variable costs involved. This model is highly flexible; it may be configured to include anything. Typical elements may include any of the following:

For B2B sales the key is the “Business Case”. A deal, or a logical piece of business, containing one or more customers and products in a flexible hierarchy can be evaluated independently of the daily pricing process. The Business Case travels through a defined “Workflow” approval process and is either rejected or released to pricing. The process and system is successful in many different operating environments. It is user configurable supporting some of the worlds most complex tax & margin environments, after 7 years in many global markets there should be few surprises.

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