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In today’s business environment, CFOs and Financial Directors are under pressure to provide accurate, relevant and up to date data as soon as possible. This can put a lot of strain on the company’s system capabilities and technological infrastructure.

AFC Consolidator provides your company with a modern and configurable consolidation platform that meets the high demands of every day business life. Financial processes are automated, tasks become less people-dependent, and consolidation rules such as InterCompany elimination and currency conversion are taken into account as part of the automated process. This makes it possible for the company to create the foundation for an organisation where the reaction time for business-critical decisions is significantly reduced.

AFC Consolidator is an efficient and proven business solution, which is implemented in several of the largest companies in Scandanavia. In addition, AFC Consolidator is highly scalable, so it can be adapted and tailored to your specific needs no matter the size of the company. The platform integrates with all common ERP systems and leverages Microsoft SQL Server.

Besides being one of Scandanavia's best and most stable consolidation platforms, Solitwork have a great focus on sharing knowledge and previous experience with our clients. This mean that not only do you buy a product, but also a business solution where skilled consultants collaborate with you to ensure you have a product tailored to your needs with optimal results.

Solitwork have partnered with XLCubed for over a decade. The AFC platform has been extremely succesful in Scandanavia, and XLCubed are excited to now work together with Solitwork to introduce AFC to the UK market.

AFC Consolidator is the ideal solution for your company if you need to:

  • Automate a complicated and manual consolidation process
  • Create an overview of a complex ownership structure
  • Release resource for more in depth and valuable analysis
  • Manage both internal and external data in one process
  • Achieve user security in a modern environment
  • Reduce dependency on people and eliminate human error

Our platform works for you

The key benefits of using FCC Consolidator are that your organisation will be less people dependent for everyday tasks. The solution is extremely versatile, and the potential for manual mistakes is vastly reduced by automated and accurate processes, calculations and data retreival.

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    Automate financial and economic processes
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    Create value through collaboration and understanding of your finance and business processes
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    Create transparency through a controlled and compliant structure
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    Keep focused on the business orientated and financial developments in your company
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