Unified, Simplified Reporting

An additional component in the XLCubed Excel ribbon, Create Message lets users select any report or report area as a basis for the additional annotations and commentary required for inclusion in formal management and board reporting packs. Highlights, comments and variances along with standardised titles can be added quickly and easily, and within a standarised approach.


Convey A Message

Easily export final versions of reports into a standardised view. Sheets are laid out with a message, title and footnotes for consistent and meaningful business communication. Add multiple slides for different messages.


Annotate & Comment

Highlight important data points and add comments to further explain the overall message. Add delta arrows to indicate important variances along with trendlines and reference lines for further clarification.



Publish to XLCubed Web for quick access on any device, or one-click output to PowerPoint for inclusion in presentations.

XLCubed Create Message saves time on what would otherwise be tedious formatting tasks. Quickly extract any Excel range into a formatted slide and select values to comment with an inutuive interface.

  • Create multiple messages for a comprehensive analysis on your data
  • Share your messages across your organisation via XLCubed Web
  • Export out in to PowerPoint at the touch of a button

Business Communication Made Simple

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