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Extending Excel's strengths, adding flexibility, visualisations and enterprise-wide deployment
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Excel's limits just moved. A lot.

XLCubed Excel lets users work where they are most comfortable – within a BI-optimised Excel environment.

With simple installation and a familiar and intuitive interface, you'll be creating quality reports in moments. Connect directly to your data and extend the skills you already have to become more productive faster.

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XLCubed has been a leading client tool for Microsoft Analysis Services data for many years. Customers love the flexibility and speed of delivery, and have been keen to extend these benefits to multiple data sources. We have added connectors for many additional sources including relational databases, Big Data providers, and other platforms such as SAP HANA and Oracle Essbase.

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XLCubed provides an easy to use yet powerful analytics environment. Users can quickly explore and understand their data with slice and dice and flexible level and descendant-based selections. Calculations are simple to add, but fully data-aware, handling drill downs and hierarchy repositioning. Disparate data sources can easily be linked together through data-mashups, or with intelligent slicers. Numbers can be quickly broken down to their constituent parts, and data can be explored visually through interactive charting.

XLCubed grids are objects similar to a pivot table but more advanced and with greater flexibility. They make it easy to explore data with simple member drilling and drag & drop hierarchies.

Any standard Excel formulae can be incorporated into an XLCubed report, making it very simple for users to quickly gain insights into data. Calculations are simple to add and are data aware, respecting drill downs and hierarchy repositioning

Integrate Excel ranges into a report to create custom searches and member selections.

XLCubed provides advanced options for ranking, sorting and filtering members in a report.

Excel formatted dashboard


XLCubed provides unrivalled flexibility in pixel-perfect formatting and layout. Flexible Grids and an intuitive formula model help users create highly formatted reports of any layout while retaining the data connection and drill-down interactivity.

Data point commenting


Analysis and insights can be quickly shared through commentary and discussion threads. Data at any level can be commented on to explain anomalies or questioned to start an in-context discussion. Supplementary details can be added as file attachments.

Comments are connected to the data rather than a cell, so will always appear in their correct context. Administrators determine user access levels to make or view comments.

Blue dashboard using XLCubed repeater and slicers


Users can create highly formatted charts using their existing Excel skills, and publish these to XLCubed Web in seconds.

XLCubed extends Excel’s data visualisation capabilities, adding interactive small multiple charts for exploration and easy comparison, business focused in-cell charts like Bullet Graphs and Sparklines, and TreeMaps.  We also provide Viewports and Repeaters to help with Excel’s layout challenges, and speed report development.

XLCubed web dashboard and report explorer


XLCubed Web makes sharing Excel-developed reports with Web and Mobile users simple, secure, and highly scalable. The publication process takes just a few seconds. Web reports retain the data connection and associated security, and can be as interactive or controlled as required.


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