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XlCubed allows you to bring your Power BI data in to Excel. Connecting is simple and can be combined with other data sources. All your data in one workbook to see and use as you want, with no layout and formatting constraints from a custom BI tool.

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Power BI as a Data Source

Power BI is a good dashboard tool, but where users need more fine-grain control over report or table layouts, or more analytics capabilities it will often come up short. XLCubed can fill these gaps and more, connecting directly to data held in Power BI (either in the cloud or on-premise in Report Server). 

Report Level Integration – Custom Visuals

Report Level Integration – Custom Visuals

XLCubed has several Power BI Custom Visuals which help enrich Power BI reports and dashboards in a number of areas. They can all be used as a standalone report within Power BI, or configured to respond interactively with other components in the same report.

  • Ad-hoc Analytics – Embed an XLCubed Grid within power BI to provide users with slice and dice analytics, drill-down and intuitive calculations.                   
  • Small Multiples / Trellis Charting – Allows users to build multiple charts within one designer for easy comparison, and to quickly drill from one chart into many
  • Formal or Financial Reporting – Power BI is primarily a dashboard tool, not a formal or financial reporting tool. XLCubed gives uses the layout and formatting control they need in these areas, our custom visual helps them surface these within Power BI.

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