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Connect Excel to Power BI

Connect extended Excel directly to your Power BI Data in or on-premise Report Server. 

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Create Enhanced Dashboards

Enrich Power BI reports with custom visuals, including analytic grids, small multiple charts, and financial reports.

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Get Power BI in Excel

Embed Power BI reports in any Excel workbook, maintaining data-connectivity and interactivity.

Best of Both

Avoiding the need to 'save to Excel'

Power BI is a great platform for sharing interactive Dashboards and visual reports. For more analytical use-cases, users will often export the data to Excel for analysis, which can be a tedious and cumbersome process. XLCubed provides an extended model which connects Excel directly to Power BI data, avoiding the need to save into Excel, and adding a wealth of functionality over and above what’s available in Pivot tables.

Use your Excel skills to build advanced reports faster

Business users quickly become productive as they can leverage existing skills while directly accessing the centralised data platform which Power BI provides, rather than creating their own data islands. Non-technical users can easily analyse the data as required, and build their own reports and visualisations benefitting from advanced ad-hoc queries, quick calculations and pixel-perfect report formatting. The integrated publisher provides a powerful sharing model where reports remain data-connected and do not require manual or scheduled updates.

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Bringing your Power BI data into Excel

Connect directly to Power BI data models held in Power or Premium. Combine data with a wide range of sources including SAP HANA, Oracle Essbase and relational databases.

Work within a familiar design environment and leverage existing Excel skills to produce advanced and customised reports.

Try XLCubed Excel Edition on your Power BI data today.

XLCubed Excel Edition
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    Connect Excel directly to Power BI data models
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    Ad-hoc and slice & dice analytics
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    User calculations with standard Excel formulae
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    Fine-grain control over report layout and formatting
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    Connect to a wide range of other sources
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    All XLCubed functionality supported
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Custom Visuals: Excel Report Integration in Power BI

XLCubed has several Power BI Custom Visuals which help enrich Power BI reports and dashboards in a number of areas. They can all be used as a standalone report within Power BI, or configured to respond interactively with other components in the same report.

  • Ad-hoc Analytics - Embed an XLCubed Grid within Power BI to provide users with slice and dice analytics, drill-down and intuitive calculations.
  • Small Multiples / Trellis Charting - Allows users to build multiple charts within one designer for easy comparison, and to quickly drill from one chart into many
  • Formal or Financial Reporting - Power BI is primarily a dashboard tool, not a formal or financial reporting tool. XLCubed gives uses the layout and formatting control they need in these areas, our custom visual helps them surface these within Power BI.

Custom Visual Specifications and Use

Business Reporting That Works For You

Achieve a degree of layout and formatting control for formal reporting, alongside slice and dice analytics and ad-hoc queries, which Power BI was never intended to deliver. 

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  • Slice and dice
  • Drill down into members
  • Animated small multiple charts
  • In-cell charts
  • Custom calculations
  • Responsive dashboards

XLCubed Excel Edition

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Scalable Distribution

  • Publish to web
  • Mobile access
  • Maintain corporate security
  • Data-connected commentary
  • Scheduled distribution

XLCubed Web Edition

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Supported versions

  • Office 365
  • Excel 2016
  • Excel 2013
  • Excel 2010
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