Modern, interactive in-Excel visuals for Planning Analytics and TM1

TM1 Visuals helps users rapidly create visually effective, interactive charts to provide a deeper understanding of the data more quickly. Drawing on the best-practice visualisation approach of IBCS (International Business Communications Standards), our chart library helps communicate key business trends and comparisons clearly, effectively and professionally.

TM1 Visuals can be used alongside PAX (Planning Analytics for Excel) or Perspectives to extend existing reporting capabilities. Organisations can deliver best-practice IBCS-compliant reporting on TM1 data quickly, by extending rather than replacing their existing in-Excel reporting processes.

The charts are straightforward to build, and leverage the hierarchical structure of the TM1 database to provide visual data discovery through different levels of data, and to build final version reports. The Business semantic layer accelerates the chart building process and helps increase clarity by standardisation across a suite of reports. 

Excel users have struggled for years to build meaningful waterfall charts, but with TM1 Visuals a waterfall showing Group P&L can be built quickly, and then drilled to a small multiple view showing one chart per entity, or one per product line.


Small multiple waterfall chart

The same principle applies to a range of variance charts which are specifically designed to help with scenario reporting and comparison. When significant Actual to Plan, Forecast to Plan or Current period to Previous period variations are seen these can be further explored as required though the chars themselves, or the charts can be used as selectors to filter DBRW formula based tables in PAfE.

Charts are directly data-connected and so there is no need to maintain complex ranges of data within Excel as the chart source.

Actual/forecast scenario chart by month
Bar variance chart by country
Quarterly contribution waterfall chart
Monthly variance line chart
Bar charts showing variance and percentage variance
Overlay comparison by organisation
View our financial chart gallery and use cases
IBCS certification badge

IBCS Certified

Build reports fully compliant with International Business Communication Standards, enabling you to create consistent designs for clear and meaningful communication.

"You feel it immediately: This is software made by finance people for finance people. Excel reporting 100% compliant with IBCS."

Dr. Rolf Hichert, IBCS Certification Team

Reporting with the IBCS standards

Additional Visualisation Components

TM1 Visuals adds a number of charting and visualisation components to address gaps in native Excel, and extend what's possible in Excel reporting.

Dynamic Charts

Explore your data through interactive, drillable charts.

In-Cell Charts

A rich library of charts which add value and context to tabular reporting.

Template Tables

Create professionally formatted drillable tables in seconds.

Getting Started with TM1 Visuals

Download the free trial to start using TM1 Visuals today. if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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