Most BI tools try to replace Excel. XLCubed extends it, providing unrivalled flexibility in data-connected Excel, alongside governed web and mobile sharing.

The Customer Perspective

We work closely with key customers and partners to ensure XLCubed helps them work smarter in all aspects of reporting. We value customer feedback and many of our best ideas have been customer inspired. A number of regional customer events have helped highlight some of the main benefits customers see from the products.


Don’t take our word for it – see what our customers have had to say at some of our regional user events:


Dusseldorf User Conference
Dusseldorf User Conference
London Customer and Partner Forum
London Customer and Partner Forum

Why choose XLCubed?

For over a decade XLCubed have provided the most flexible and accessible Analysis Services client tools for business users. Recent versions have extended the products’ reach, adding connectors for SAP HANA, Oracle Essbase , Power BI, Relational SQL databases, and many more.

We work in an extended Excel environment power users are comfortable in, addressing PivotTable restrictions and with straightforward web and mobile deployment. The result is the sophistication of a bespoke BI tool extended with the flexibility of Excel. Business users are more productive, and in control of their reporting and analysis needs. IT can focus on the data platform rather than responding to adhoc business reporting requests.


    Self-service reporting 

Business users can leverage their existing skills within an extended and data-connected Excel environment. Our Excel client addresses the limitations of Pivot Tables and adds huge capability in analytics and data visualisation. Users become highly productive quickly, and are self-sufficient in their reporting and analysis needs.


   Web and mobile deployment

Reports and responsive dashboards developed by Excel users can be published to a governed Web platform in seconds. Corporate security is retained, and the reports can be instantly and interactively accessed by web and mobile users.



 XLCubed is priced competitively and does not require a high initial investment. As users can leverage existing Excel skills, training time and costs are also typically much lower than with bespoke BI tools.

Many of our largest customers have started small, and grown over time with proven success in initial projects.

For full pricing information, visit our pricing page.


   Upgrade from Pivot tables

Pivot tables are the default client choice of client tool for Analysis Services users. They are essentially free to businesses with Office licensing, but time is money... XLCubed helps users work smarter, deliver more and add value. Users spend less time preparing better reports, leaving more time for data analysis and better decisions.


    Upgrading from competitive or legacy reporting tools.

We have seen many customers successfully upgrade from competitive products. They are typically searching for more flexibility, better data visualisation, or in some cases to replicate a strong in-Excel client experience which Pivot Tables can't match.

XLCubed's in-Excel model helps generate early traction with the business users, often key to a project's ultimate success.
Here are some thoughts on the most frequent upgrades we have seen over the years.

Proprietary BI tools

Core Microsoft tools


For more information on Excel or Web pricing please contact us at

Unrivalled Flexibility:

Unrivalled Flexibility: "There is always a way"

Ultimately the products need to work in your environment and on your own data, and we’re happy to provide XLCubed on a time limited evaluation basis to enable that. To discuss your interest in more detail, or arrange a web based overview please contact us at

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