Enterprise-ready Analytics, Reporting and Data Visualisation

XLCubed’s users can work flexibly in an extended but familiar Excel environment and publish clearly visualised, responsive reports across the organisation quickly and easily. The learning curve is shallow compared to most BI tools, meaning business users can quickly become highly productive across all aspects of reporting and analysis.


XLCubed is optimised for Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS), with over a decade’s experience working with hundreds of corporate customers.

Our customers have often asked to be able to use XLCubed on other data sources, and in that respect Version 9 is a game changer. It brings much of the inherent flexibility our SSAS customers love to a wide range of additional data sources including most relational databases and Big Data sources, including SQL, SAP HANA, Oracle Server, Azure, Power BI, Amazon Redshift and Google BigQuery.


XLCubed provides flexibility in data retrieval, interactive charting, intuitive calculations and fine grain control over report formatting and layout. Starting from the familiar environment of Excel means a reduced requirement for user training, and one consistent client tool for formal reporting, analysis, data discovery and dashboards. The deep Excel integration helps users benefit from an unrivalled degree of flexibility across all aspects of reporting and analytics. Non-technical users can develop sophisticated and highly formatted reports and dashboards in Excel, and make them available to Web and Mobile users with just a few clicks.


XLCubed is Excel-centric yet fully enterprise ready. Data-connected reports and dashboards developed in the Excel client can be published to web and mobile in seconds for organisation-wide deployment, while fully respecting corporate security. XLCubed Web can operate standalone, or tightly embedded in SharePoint and other portals.


Text commentary can quickly and easily be assigned to data points at any level to explain already understood data anomalies to the wider user base, or initiate further investigation.


XLCubed provides operational reporting on report access and performance. How often key reports are being accessed, and their responsiveness can be monitored easily and tracked, as can reports that become redundant over time and are no longer being used.

XLCubed’s data slicers give users options for data visualisation. Viewport extensions mean data can be presented variably, for example by ranking, time or grid. XLCubed is pre-loaded with thousands of icons designed to maximise the impact of a consolidated view of complex workbooks.

Data Mashups

Data mashups can be defined at a report level, without the need for a full semantic model and the delay and expense involved in unnecessary levels of complexity.

XLCubed benefits at a glance

  • Business users quickly become highly productive
  • Flexibility in reporting, with fine grain layout control
  • Straightforward but powerful user calculations
  • Build dashboards with extended visualisations and charting
  • Track KPIs, discover trends, draw comparisons
  • Query gigabytes of corporate data from within Excel
  • Publish reports and dashboards to web and mobile in seconds
  • Report level Data Mashups

The business case for data visualisation

Organisations trying to gain competitive advantage by better understanding their business operations and performance can’t be tied to cumbersome technologies. They need real-time data-driven insight into their business. Making key reports and flexible analytics available to data-savvy managers and employees is a key objective for companies seeking efficiency and a competitive edge, and XLCubed can be a key component in achieving business intelligence objectives.

XLCubed focuses on business-effective data visualisation, and helps users to identify trends, patterns and outliers. In addition to native Excel charting XLCubed provides TreeMaps, Small Multiples, Mapping, and in-cell charting, including Bullet Graphs. Our Viewports enable consolidated and dynamic views across complex workbooks, and a rich embedded image library gives additional scope for presentation and navigation.

Alongside the extended charting XLCubed provides a range of intelligent slicer controls to make selections easy, which can cascade and filter as required to mirror the associated business logic.

We work closely with our customer base to ensure the product continues to move forward in the direction that most benefits their businesses.

Adding flexibility and publishing power to the most popular analytics software, Microsoft Excel

Rather than push users toward an unfamiliar, bespoke reporting platform XLCubed empowers users within the Excel environment in which they are already comfortable. Users have the flexibility they need in data query and retrieval, the ability to extend functions with custom calculations and visualisations, and they can then present it exactly how they choose free of the limitations of pivot tables. XLCubed enables users to develop reports quickly and to distribute them instantly across the organisation.

When report cycles are short, XLCubed is the perfect solution to give business users control of their own reporting needs. With XLCubed Web Edition, data-connected and interactive dashboards are developed in the Excel client and simply published to the web for browser and mobile access. Instant web and mobile distribution of centrally stored, data-connected and version-controlled reports and dashboards give business users the agility they need to deliver within challenging timescales.

Dashboard Designer - Mobile friendly, responsive reports

The completely new V9 Dashboard Designer allows Excel users to build screen-responsive reports and dashboards that can be published to XLCubed Web for browser and mobile use. The reports auto-fit any screen size and their layout can be optimised simply for any device type.

Slicers, Charts and Grids added to the report designer are auto-linked, so when any element is selected the rest of the dashboard updates to reflect that selection. Mid-level users can now build sophisticated inter-linked reports, and power users can override the default linking for more complex scenarios.


Watch this short on-screen talk about some of the latest features in XLCubed, including viewports, mobile deployment and additional non-Microsoft data source compatibility.