Simple report deployment to hundreds of users

Microsoft Excel is suited to quick report development, but users struggle to share versioned reports easily and large scale distribution is a problem. Excel does not cope with multiple users well, and the alternative is distributing a potentially large workbook to hundreds of users during each reporting cycle, which may be a short cycle, even several publications a day.

For large deployments browser-based access is the ideal way to accommodate one-click publishing to as many end users as needed. No client installation is required and users access a centrally-updated version of the report, so version control is also simple. With XLCubed Web Edition, data-connected and interactive dashboards are developed in Excel, and simply published to the web for browser and mobile access.

XLCubed web reports retain an active connection to source data, and also the dynamic nature of the in-Excel reports where required.

Award winning dashboards

XLCubed was one of the winners in Dashboard Insight's Dashboard competition. XLCubed's dashboards make use of a combination of visual tables with in-cell charting from the XLCubed chart library, Small Multiples and TreeMaps, and well designed 'standard' Excel charts.

XLCubed V9 offers more reporting choice than ever before

Data mashups

Different, multiple data sources can be brought together at a report level using V9’s DataMashup feature. Combining data sources can be achieved quickly and easily without the need for a full semantic model and the delay and expense involved in un-needed complexity.

New dashboard designer - Responsive reports - Mobile friendly

The completely new V9 dashboard designer allows Excel users to build screen responsive reports and dashboards that can be published to XLCubed Web for browser and mobile use. The reports auto-fit any screen size and their layout can be optimised simply for any device type.

Slicers, Charts and Grids added to the report designer are auto-linked, so when a user selects part of a chart the rest of the dashboard updates to reflect their selection. New functionality means mid-level users can build sophisticated inter-linked reports, and power users can override the default linking for more complex scenarios.


Design reports as you choose

Design reports as you choose XLCubed V9 comes with thousands of icons and images to help you design reports with improved clarity and user experience.

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