Charting for increased business insight - in Excel, Web and Mobile

XLCubed’s Dynamic Charts help users rapidly and easily create best-practice visually effective charts to provide viewers a deeper understanding of the data more quickly. Drawing on the best-practice visualisation approach of IBCS (International Business Communications Standards), our chart library helps communicate key business trends and comparisons clearly, effectively and professionally.

Charts connect directly to corporate data and can be further explored as required by drilling to a ‘Small Multiple’ view of the contributing categories, or zooming to specific areas of interest. Reports and responsive dashboards are built in Excel with a one-click Web and Mobile sharing model. The data-connected approach avoids the manual process of maintaining complex ranges of data within Excel, and enables further exploration of the data directly through the responsive charts.

Actual/forecast scenario chart by month
Bar variance chart by country
Quarterly contribution waterfall chart
Monthly variance line chart
Bar charts showing variance and percentage variance
Overlay comparison by organisation

A wide range of charts including waterfalls, deviations and comparisons, business scenarios and trend comparisons provide the toolbox users need to create visually appealing and highly effective business reports. Every chart type can be further explored by drillling into members to break the chart into a small multiple view.

Small multiple waterfall chart
View our financial chart gallery and use cases
IBCS certification badge

IBCS Certified

Build reports fully compliant with International Business Communication Standards, enabling you to create consistent designs for clear and meaningful communication.

"You feel it immediately when using XLCubed: This is software made by finance people for finance people. Excel reporting 100% compliant with IBCS."

Dr. Rolf Hichert, IBCS Certification Team

Reporting with the IBCS standards

Additional Visualisation Components

XLCubed introduces a number of charting and visualisation components to address gaps in native Excel.

Dynamic Charts

Explore your data through interactive, drillable charts

Responsive Dashboards

Data-connected dashboards for Web and Mobile designed in Excel


Replicate the content of any Excel range across multiple categories

In-cell Charts

A wide range of chart types that display within a single cell


A dynamic, scrollable window to display another part of the workbook


Interactive point and shape based geospatial mapping

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