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Jen Underwood discusses Excel's role within Enterprise BI, and how XLCubed provides a governed, scalable model which can work for both the business and IT.

A summary brochure detailing XLCubed Excel and Web Edition.


Data-discovery solutions often use marketing messages focused on the limitations of Excel.  XLCubed-enhanced Excel handles these limitations and more - find out how.



Pivot Tables can provide users with flexibility, but also a number of frustrations & limitations. See how these are addressed in XLCubed.                                                                                                                                     

There are a large number of competing BI and analytics solutions competing for each solution and customer. See what differentiates XLCubed.

Most analytics tools handle simple ranking and sorting, but what happens when things get a little more complex? See how XLCubed's inherent flexibility handles these scenarios.