About this Webinar

"Embracing Governed Excel Reporting in an Enterprise BI Strategy"



Jen Underwood, Founder & Principal Consultant,  Impact Analytix

Excel is loved by users for it's flexibility and accessibility, but IT often see it as a problem, seeking to remove it from the BI landscape. These attempts are usually futile - instead of wasting time, energy and resources trying to remove Excel from reporting processes, you should consider finding ways to responsibly embrace and govern Excel.

Concerns around ensuring Excel reporting accuracy, minimizing errors, easing report sharing pains and complying with regulatory requirements are legitimate and do need to be addressed. The real problem that you should be solving is how to best deliver and effectively govern Excel reporting across the enterprise.

In this webinar Jen will discuss some of the issues, and also why Excel ramains so prevalent in reporting and BI. We will introduce XLCubed, a unique enterprise Excel-centric reporting solution. There is nothing else quite like it in the market today. We will overview what makes it a compelling solution for goverened Excel-centric reporting and how to incorporate it into your overall enterprise BI strategy.


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