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XLCubed acquires BiX Software

Feb 18 2020

We are pleased to announce that the owners of XLCubed have recently completed the acquisition of BiX Software. BiX, who were established in 1996, are based in Paris, France and have many well-known French corporate customers alongside international clients.

We have been aware of BiX for a number of years and were pleased when the opportunity to combine our many decades of collective experience in Excel based BI tools arose. During the diligence process we were impressed by the vision and quality of the BiX product development team, who will now work closely with the team here at XLCubed.

Both XLCubed and BiX have a wealth of experience in servicing enterprise customers across a range of industries, particularly in the finance area. We are confident that we can leverage the best of both to deliver an even stronger set of products and services to our growing set of customers in 2020 and beyond.

With the imminent release of XLCubed V10 the BiX team are bringing their experience to our discussions which has proven useful, and we are already seeing the benefits. The acquisition provides a strengthened support and delivery capability in France and beyond for both XLCubed and BiX products in what is an exciting time for us as an organisation.

We are particularly pleased with the progress of v10 and have added some really interesting new waterfall charts which will allow customers to visualise movements between two points across any dimension. They can enhance understanding of how an initial value transitions over time and are a key part of many management information packs. We have added this as an interactive, data-connected chart type along with a wide range of other IBCS style charts. It helps users access the power of their underlying data to identify the significant elements that are causing the transition quickly, and to utilise pareto style analysis.

XLCubed Waterfall Chart

Take a look at this article for more on Waterfall charts and how we have implemented them.


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