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XLCubed cMORE/Message Acquisition

Nov 22 2019

Acquisition of cMORE/Message

We are pleased to announce that XLCubed have acquired the rights to the cMORE/Message product from our long-term partner pmOne. pmOne have worked closely with XLCubed for over a decade, growing a customer base of well over 100 organisations across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and winning a number of Microsoft BI awards. pmOne have sold Message alongside XLCubed to many Enterprise customers, helping them improve and standardise their data visualisation and information design.

We are pleased to now be in a position to integrate Message more deeply within the XLCubed product set in the coming months, and extend the solution to partners and customers globally.

As the company continues to grow, this is the first in what we expect to be a number of acquisitions of complementary technologies and services over the next year.

Message charts embedded in table in Excel

What is Message?

The current version of Message is a charting component for Excel which helps users easily build concise, visually appealing business charts within Excel which can be shared in Excel or through XLCubed Web.

Message was inspired by the work of the IBCS (International Business Communications Standards) which has a strong following in the German speaking region of Europe, and which is gaining a wider footprint. It can be used to standardise an information design approach across company reporting, to ensure consistency, clarity and ease of understanding.

"With Message we can create complex, insightful business charts in seconds"

Message currently utilises the Excel charting engine to produce what are often highly complex and overlaid Excel charts, while keeping the creation process itself simple.

Message bar chart showing actuals and forecast

Since the acquisition we have developed a new version of Message which adds in-cell charting, extending the library to include a number of IBCS style charts. Register for the beta of standalone XLCubed Message.

XLCubed 10 and Message Integration

Alongside a range of other additions, the chart types available with Message will be introduced to XLCubed's interactive charting engine in XLCubed version 10.

This allows users to build interactive, animated charts which connect directly to the data. Users can explore the data further through the charts, drill down to lower levels of detail, explode one chart into many, and build responsive dashboards where report components are filtered by the current selection within the charts. It brings a new level of interactivity to business focused charting.

XLCubed 10 will be launched in February 2020, with more details to follow in the coming months.


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