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Oct 13 2016

In the last month we were made aware that our former CTO, Andreas Lipphardt, tragically died.  As many customers would be aware XLCubed purchased Bonavista Systems Assets in 2007 and Andreas became CTO. During his time as CTO he had a tremendous impact, and the current products still bear the hallmark of his design capability.

Our CEO came across MicroCharts via Stephen Few’s of Perceptual Edge blog and was very impressed. He met with Andreas at the Microsoft BI symposium where a shared history in Excel based Business Intelligence became clear, and Andreas’s world class knowledge of data visualisation and passion for what he did educated XLCubed Sales, Marketing and developer staff. Despite going our separate ways with Andreas re-establishing Bonavista in 2010 to pursue other activities we remained in touch and were recently looking at collaboration opportunities. For a short time after Andreas leaving XLCubed we OEMed MicroCharts, but since XLCubed V6 we have our own in-cell chart capability and the upgrade from V5 to V6 converted all MicroCharts to XLCubed in-cell chart formulae.

We were also saddened to see that in recent days the BonaVista website is now no longer open for business and the products will no longer be sold or supported. Should MicroChart customers have issues then as a tribute to Andreas’ contribution to our company we will attempt to assist if and where we can.

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