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XLCubed 10 now available!

Mar 12 2020

XLCubed 10 adds a wide range of new capabilities across the product including new data connectors, support for cloud authentication protocols, finance-focused interactive charting, and usability improvements.

The largest change is the addition of a range of interactive, best-practice chart types which are perfectly suited to financial reporting. cMore/Message, which we acquired last year, drew on the best-practice visualisation approach of the IBCS organisation which has been very successful in Europe and is growing globally. We are pleased to now add interactive versions of the key charts to our core platform to help customers improve, standardise and accelerate their reporting processes, and provide a new level of insight on their data.

Combined waterfall charts

There is no need to maintain complex Excel ranges as the charts are data-connected and fully interactive. Charts can be zoomed to focus on areas of interest, and drilled to lower levels of detail in a 'Small Multiple' or 'Trellis' view, allowing users to further explore the data quickly and easily. See our visualisation summary for more information.

In line with many other vendors and based on customer feedback we are pleased to announce that XLCubed 10 can now be purchased on a subscription model, and with an introductory launch price. For further details see our pricing. Current customers retain upgrade rights to the new products and the existing licence terms remain in place.

For more details overall see XLCubed 10.

cMore/Message is now XLCubed/Message

XLCubed/Message is the upgrade for cMore/Message. It is fully backward compatible and alongside O365 support it introduces a wide range of in-cell charts to further extend reporting options. XLCubed/Message essentially shortcuts the building of complex and overlaid Excel charts to create a set of financially focused business charts based on Excel data ranges.
For customers using this approach today, producing this wider set of non interactive charts remains supported and will have continuing development - more to follow on that in the coming months.

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