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Jul 08 2016

Last month saw another meeting of the Danish XLCubed Network Group, organised by our partner Solitwork. The events are hosted by our customers, and this month's was kindly facilitated by TDC, Denmark's largest telecommunications company. 

The XLCubed Network Group - Solving real world problems in Finance

(article by Solitwork)

Twice a year we surround ourselves with extraordinarily good company when our XLCubed Network Group meet. The meetings are facilitated by Solitwork and hosted by one of our customers. This time we visited TDC in Copenhagen, who provided the perfect surroundings for a great day of knowledge sharing, networking, hands on exercises, real life cases, and of course a deeper understanding of XLCubed.



For Anne Krabbe, Controller at BESTSELLER, it was her first time attending:     Anne Krabbe
“I return to BESTSELLER with a concrete new knowledge about XLCubed, especially grids, which will allow us to carry out complex analyses much faster than before and without having to produce thousands of manual Excel sheets. Throughout our partnership with Solitwork, they have recommended the XLCubed solution because it is extremely user-friendly and only requires a few clicks to locate and present the data we need. Today, that has been confirmed – XLCubed is very easy to use!”

Plenty of useful knowledge on the menu

For this meeting we opted to focus on interactive reports, visualisation, and graphs. Our Business Analysts, Christian Rygaard-Bach and Casper Have, had prepared a session called ‘Forgotten Gold’, where they highlighted valuable tools and functions, which are available in XLCubed but often forgotten or not used to its fullest.

Christer Fjord Skouby, Economist at TDC Group, participated in the XLCubed Network Group for the third time, and he also benefitted from the meeting with new DUG Christerknowledge that can ease his daily work:

“The introduction to workbook options and publishing to web is very useful for our reporting in TDC. When they explained these functions to us, I immediately knew that we could use it in our reporting. I actually emailed my colleagues during the meeting, who quickly responded with great feedback, because this solved a problem we had been dealing with for months. The new knowledge acquired today will save us a lot of time – which is very valuable to us.”

Everyone Learns 

It is not just our hard-working participants, who leave with new insights. We at Solitwork also take home valuable feedback from the XLCubed Network Group meetings. Besides maintaining a strong relationship with our customers, we are convinced that the questions and comments we receive from the participants provide us with a deeper understanding of the challenges our customers face everyday. In that way, we are better equipped to predict problems and be proactive as a business partner to these companies. Our strong relationship with XLCubed also means that many of the ideas raised by our customers at Network meetings are fed into the product roadmap.

Conference talk      Conference coffee chat


An inspiring host

TDC welcomed us at the corporation’s head office in Copenhagen. Then Christian Morgan, Chief Content Office, spoke about TDC’s challenges and opportunities in an ever-changing, modern media world. We also got to experience TDC’s Safety Center, which was very exiciting to say the least. TDC’s Chister Fjord Skouby was involved in the planning of this XLCubed Network Group meeting:
“We got to host this time around and I think it went rather well. I enjoyed getting to show off the company and demonstrating a different side of us with a trip to the Safety Center and giving some insight into our daily challenges in a huge media landscape.”

We would like to thank TDC for doing an excellent job hosting and thank you to all the participants for another great XLCubed Network Group meeting. The next meeting will be held in November 2016 – and we can’t wait!


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