Sample Reports & Workbooks

We’ve provided a number of reports which connect to our sample database and show some techniques and use cases for reporting with XLCubed.

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Grids are one of the main building blocks in XLCubed. In basic terms they are similar to a Pivot Table, but offer so much more and this example workbook shows some of the key capabilities.


Formula Reporting - Income Statement

XLCubed’s data retrieval formulas give users total control over report layout and formatting. Any value can be placed in any cell, retaining the data connection and giving a great option for financial statements and formal financial reporting. This example shows an income statement designed using XLCubed formulas.


Year On Year Sales Variance Dashboard

An example dashboard showing regional year on year variance, where users can cross-filter by chart to examine what has driven the overall change at a country level through bridge waterfall charts.


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