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Training Courses

XLCubed’s training services include the standard courses below. In practice we often tailor these to the specific customer needs. This could be from simply using your data as part of the course or using practical examples from your business to train effectively.

Simply drop us an email or call, and we would be happy to discuss your training needs with you.

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Available Courses

Reporting and Analytics with XLCubed Excel Edition - L1

The course is aimed at new users, or as a refresher for occasional users or existing report consumers. The course provides a solid grounding in the use of XLCubed Grids for data exploration and analysis, and in the fundamentals of report building. The course involves several hands on elements where the attendees use and learn to master the techniques involved.

Reporting and Analytics with XLCubed Excel Edition - L2

The course is intended for those already comfortable with the basics of Grid and Formula based reporting in XLCubed, and covers more advanced usage scenarios. It is targeted primarily at the power user community, or those looking to further extend their usage and understanding of the product set. The course also covers each of the data visualisation components included with XLCubed. The course involves hands on activity through worked examples.

Report Authoring and Deployment for XLCubed Web and Mobile

Attendees learn the reporting and publication techniques for web deployment of XLCubed Reports. Tips and techniques for Report design, and the accompanying security considerations and configuration are covered. The course also provides an overview of ad hoc reporting with XLCubed Web. There is a degree of hands on activity through worked examples. Attendees should already have a working knowledge of XLCubed Excel Edition.

Data Visualisation Techniques and Effective Dashboard Design

This course is tailored to customer needs, covering the best way to communicate your message, along with how to choose the most appropriate method to ensure your information is displayed clearly and successfully. Whether your delivery mechanism is the web, Excel or another medium, the techniques in this course will show you how to build reports and dashboards that work for business. Utilising effective visualisation techniques, this course will enable you to produce dashboards that are not only visually striking but convey your information clearly. The focus is on function and design rather than brash colours, gimmicks and 3D effects.

Technical Support

Our support options range from standard support and maintenance to 24/7 critical systems support.

Customers are consistently impressed by the quality of support XLCubed provide, and tell us this differentiates us from many other BI vendors. In some organisations helpdesk analysts simply follow a script without any real understanding of the products they are supporting, which can lead to a frustrating experience for the user. Our analysts have a detailed knowledge of the products and a genuine interest in how customers are using them. It’s a difference customers notice and appreciate.

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