In Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, getting market data, particularly on the sales side, is often relatively straightforward. Accessing the data in a meaningful and flexible way can be much more difficult.

Users have different requirements of the data, from the individual salespeople, territory, and regional managers, the brand managers, to senior management who require a higher level view of performance on a country level.

The business needs powerful and flexible analytics – in many cases the ‘question’ isn’t known until the last minute, and the reporting and analytics tools need to let the analysts quickly follow through their thinking and provide real insight backed by the data. XLCubed provides an intuitive user experience, giving real power and flexibility while shielding the user from the query complexity and leveraging their existing Excel skills. When used on a data platform such as SCIO Health Analytics  SCIOIntelligence, users have the 360-degree view of the data which they need to respond to ever changing queries and requirements.

For the ‘known’ questions XLCubed provides a best of breed dashboard and scorecard capability. IT or Business users can build professional, space efficient, and data connected dashboards within Excel and have a simple web deployment process to provide access to the salesforce. The build in Excel model leverages and extends existing skills, to give a shorter learning curve than with bespoke dashboard products, while offering more fine grain control of the layout. Sophisticated visual tables give access to the current key metrics, and also row by row visibility on historical trend and target attainment, with train of thought drill to detail paths.

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