Introducing the latest XLCubed BI Solutions

XLCubed provides data professionals with the flexibility, speed, power and web publishing simplicity they need to deliver across all aspects of business intelligence and reporting. While Microsoft remains core to XLCubed’s offering, the launch of V9 opens exciting new possibilities with new data connectors for SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle, Power BI and Big Data sources.

Our customers play a crucial role in the development of XLCubed. We are delighted with partner and customer feedback on the many other V9 enhancements, such as slicers, dash-boarding and mobile functionality.

Watch Gary Crawford's V9 presentation and customer user group feedback in XLCubed News

XLCubed V9

XLCubed provide powerful and flexible Business Intelligence products which help organisations reduce reporting and analysis workloads within a lower Total Cost of Ownership.

We provide 2 products which integrate tightly together, and associated Mobile apps.

Our products embrace Excel, rather than try to replace it, within a managed self service BI model. We connect Excel to data and extend its abilities in data analysis, visualisation and presentation. Users have unrivalled flexibility and a shallow learning curve with the ability to publish all types of reports and dashboards to Web and Mobile for widespread Enterprise distribution, while enforcing corporate security.

Excel Edition

XLCubed Excel lets users work where they are most comfortable – within a BI optimised Excel environment. Business users don’t need to start from scratch, they can extend skills they already have and consequently become highly productive quickly. The depth of Excel integration means users have unrivalled flexibility in all aspects of analysis and reporting.

Web Edition

Excel client users can share their reporting across the Enterprise in seconds. Web published reports are fully interactive, respect corporate security, and are accessible through XLCubed mobile apps. XLCubed Web is a standalone product but can also optionally be deployed within SharePoint, or embedded within other portals.


Many BI tools struggle where reports have very specific layout and formatting requirements, or combine different data sources in a consolidated view. Working in Excel gives XLCubed huge flexibility in these areas and the additional smarts we provide helps consolidate disparate data and complex workbooks. The flexibility is unrivalled.


Extended and interactive data visualisations provide a rich dashboard design environment where objects are auto-linked and the responsive user interface adjusts seamlessly to differing screen sizes as required.

Analytics and Data Discovery

Users can explore their data through slice and dice analysis, and flexibly navigate hierarchies as needed within a powerful and intuitive analytics environment. Calculations are simple to add and data aware, respecting drill downs and hierarchy repositioning. Data from differing sources can be linked by intelligent slicers or through Excel ranges. Any number can be quickly broken down to its constituent parts, and interactive charting enables visual and pattern led data exploration.

Data Visualisation

XLCubed extends Excel’s native charting with a rich library of business focused chart types ranging from Bullet Graphs to interactive Small Multiples and TreeMaps.

Web and Mobile distribution

Reports and dashboards designed by non-technical business users in Excel can be published to XLCubed Web and made available to browser and mobile app based users with just a few clicks. Report layouts can be device optimised without the need to produce different versions of a report for desktop and mobile users.


Our use of Excel as the presentation layer and not the database ensures that existing corporate security within the data is fully respected. Existing Active Directory roles and groups can be quickly assimilated into XLCubed Web for folder level access rights.


Analysis and insight can be quickly shared through commentary and discussion threads. Any data at any level can be commented to explain anomalies or start an in-context discussion.

Automated Distribution

Intelligent scheduling allows for ‘push’ delivery of formatted reporting in multiple formats.

Data Sources

For over a decade XLCubed has provided class leading flexibility and performance for users of Microsoft Analysis Services cubes and tabular Models. While this continues to be a core focus, version 9 significantly expands the product’s reach, adding connectors for many other data sources including SQL Server, SAP HANA, Oracle, Power BI, HDInsight and Teradata. The benefits of XLCubed are now accessible to a much wider audience.

Tech Requirements
Excel Edition : Windows 7 or higher, Office 2007 or higher
Web Edition: Windows Server 2008 or higher, IIS 7 or higher


Unrivalled Flexibility:
"There is always a way"

Ultimately the products need to work in your environment and on your own data, and we’re happy to provide XLCubed on a time limited evaluation basis to enable that. To discuss your interest in more detail, or arrange a web based overview please contact us at