Reports and dashboards built in XLCubed Excel are pushed to mobile users in seconds by publishing to XLCubed Web.

The reports can then be accessed interactively through our Report Viewer apps for Apple, Android and Windows devices. Analysts and power users can work productively in their preferred Excel environment, building interactive, multi-sheet reports, dashboards and analyses from data held in Analysis Services cubes and relational databases and can quickly make them available on the tablets and smartphones of senior management.

The model provides an efficient way for business users to leverage their existing Excel skills to deliver screen responsive reporting to phones and tablets.

The XLCubed Mobile App is available in Apple's Appstore, Google play, Amazon, and the Windows AppStore as a free download. It ships with a pre-set connection, and some sample reports.

Mobile Analytics

XLCubed provides a web analytics capability which can be used in our mobile apps or through a browser. This provides an interactive, slice and dice-enabled environment where mobile users can build their own report sets incorporating drillable grids, custom calculations, charting and slicers. For more detail see web analytics.