XLCubed Version 9 enhancements: v9 vs v8 in a nutshell

XLCubed works extremely closely with partners and customers to ensure our product development roadmap caters for the changing functional and deployment requirements of BI and Analytics professionals who face a constant challenge to achieve flexibility, speed and accuracy across a range of data sources and publishing outlets.

  • Much more flexibility on non SSAS data sources
  • Ability to bring disparate sources together at report time, rather than needing to build a semantic model
  • New Dashboard Designer - enables responsive UI for mobile, auto-linked objects

Watch Gary Crawford's V9 presentation and customer user group feedback videos

Version 9 additions

Increased Scope - New data connectors 

Grids can now connect directly to a much wider range of data sources while retaining their flexibility in terms of slice and dice, user calculations and slicers. The new data sources include relational databases such as SQL Server, Oracle, SAP HANA and Teradata, and big data sources like HDInsight, Amazon Redshift and Google Big Query, and Microsoft’s Power BI platform. This helps bring the benefits and flexibility of XLCubed to a much wider audience in new and existing customers.

Data Mashups

Different data sources can now be brought together at a report level using V9’s DataMashup feature. Combining data sources can be achieved quickly and easily without the need for a full semantic model and the delay and expense this can entail.

Richer Dashboard Environment - New Dashboard Designer

The completely new dashboard designer allows Excel users to build screen responsive reports and dashboards that can be published to XLCubed Web for browser and mobile use. The reports auto-fit any screen size, and their layout can be optimised by device type.

Slicers, Charts and Grids added to the report designer are auto-linked, so when a user selects part of a chart the rest of the dashboard updates to reflect their selection. New functionality means mid-level users can build sophisticated inter-linked reports, and power users can override the default linking for more complex scenarios.

Integrated Viewports means that highly formatted Excel content from other worksheets can be incorporated within the dashboards.

Viewports are dynamic views of another part of the workbook. Views can be consolidated into an icon-driven paged control where users can quickly switch between different charts or views of the data. They are a powerful way to bring together a consolidated view of a complex workbook, and also handle row dynamic data which is often a challenge when reporting in Excel.

Embedded icon library

Version 9 includes an icon library with thousands of images available in any colour and available for controlling report navigation and storytelling.

New modern & fresh user interface

Looks better … a fresher, more contemporary UI not only enhances the XLCubed user experience but also makes navigation and execution clearer and faster.

New Mobile Apps

New mobile apps delivering screen-responsive dashboards and more flexibility offline.

XLCubed Version 8 remains a winner on the Microsoft stack for thousands of users

  • Best of breed integration with Analysis Services (SSAS) cubes & tabular models
  • Best of Breed Excel integration
  • Web deployment
  • Mobile deployment (not responsive UI)
  • Analytics & Data Discovery on SSAS data
  • Reporting on SSAS
  • Dashboards on SSAS – very effective dashboards can be developed, but not screen responsive, and interlinking of objects needs to be done manually

Unrivalled Flexibility:
"There is always a way"

Ultimately the products need to work in your environment and on your own data, and we’re happy to provide XLCubed on a time limited evaluation basis to enable that. To discuss your interest in more detail, or arrange a web based overview please contact us at support@xlcubed.com