XLCubed Excel Edition helps business users work more productively in all aspects of reporting and analysis.

Users can leverage existing Excel skills while gaining access to the full power of the Microsoft Analysis Services data platform, and are free of the limitations of the Pivot Table. XLCubed also connects through to SAP HANA, SQL databases, Power BI and Big Data Sources.

It provides intuitive analytics and data discovery, free format asymmetric reporting, a rich environment for interactive, data connected Excel dashboards, and is fully write enabled to support planning and budgeting solutions. Reports and dashboards created in the Excel Edition can be shared across the organisation and on mobile with XLCubed Web in just a few clicks.

XLCubed provides an easy to use yet powerful analytics environment. Users can explore and understand their data through slice and dice and flexibly navigate hierarchies as needed with level and descendant based selections for dynamic reporting. User defined calculations are simple to add, but fully data aware, and respect drill downs and hierarchy repositioning. Data from differing sources can easily be linked together by intelligent slicers or through Excel ranges. Any number can be quickly broken down to its constituent parts, and data can be explored visually through interactive charting.


XLCubed provides unrivalled flexibility in formatting and layout. Flexible Grids and XLCubed’s formula model means it’s possible to create a data-connected report of any shape and layout achievable in native Excel, while retaining the data connection and the ability to quickly drill down and further explore individual numbers. The key formulae are simple in concept and are created through intuitive dialogs, or the conversion of an XLCubed Grid.


XLCubed extends what is achievable with Excel dashboards on a number of levels. Additional visualisation tools provided include small multiples, treemaps, geospatial mapping, and an extensive in-cell charting library to significantly extend what is achievable in terms of dashboards and scorecards. Users have fine grain control over the positioning, layout and sizing of charts and tables, sophisticated cross-data source slicers, simple yet powerful user calculations and can quickly implement chain of thought guided analysis.

An active connection to the data is maintained, removing the maintenance burden of traditional Excel dashboards, but retaining the full flexibility of layout while Viewport technology addresses the challenges of row dynamic reporting in Excel.

Planning and budgeting

Pure Excel based planning and budgeting can quickly evolve into a complex myriad of interconnected workbooks, prone to problems and hugely complex to change and manage. XLCubed provides a data connected yet fully writeable model which adds scalability, data integrity, and manageability to Excel planning solutions. Workbooks and planning templates can be laid out in any format, but without the need for interlinked workbooks which can lead to the maintenance nightmare.