XLCubed Web provides widespread sharing of interactive Excel-developed reports and dashboards, mobile access, ad-hoc query and data discovery, and scheduled report distribution.

Report and Dashboard sharing and deployment

Standalone Excel has many strengths, but is limited for widespread sharing and distribution of reporting. Any XLCubed report, dashboard or piece of analysis developed in our Excel client can be published to XLCubed Web with just a few clicks. Published reports remain interactive and data connected, and can be accessed through our standalone portal, through our mobile apps or embedded seamlessly in SharePoint or custom portals.

Excel based analysts become highly productive web authors with no additional training, and have fine-grain control over layout and formatting when designing the reports in the Excel client. Published reports can be multi-sheet, incorporating all elements of XLCubed reporting and charting along with native Excel’s charts and formulae. See here for detail on supported charts and functions.

Report designers can define the level of interactivity and options available in the web reports at publication time. Security can be configured in several ways, the most common being to utilise Windows-trusted authentication to provide single sign on.

Ad Hoc Reporting and Web Analytics

XLCubed Web also provides a rich ad hoc query environment, which can be enabled or disabled by user group as required. Users can easily slice and dice, drill down, and filter data. Custom calculations are simple to add, but OLAP-aware, and respect drill downs and hierarchy repositioning. Exceptions can be highlighted through conditional formatting, and any number can be quickly decomposed to its constituent parts.

The resulting reports can be saved back to the XLCubed report repository for re-use at a later time, or exported to Excel for additional manipulation.

Scheduled Report Distribution

Pixel perfect reporting can be delivered periodically to a wide user base through the scheduling facility. The reports can be emailed as PDF or static Excel workbook, or saved to a file share as part of control processes. Scheduling can be parameterised for scalability and caters for varying permissions in the recipients.

Centralised Control

XLCubed Web leverages existing corporate security, and the website and report folders can be administered by business users who have been granted the requisite permissions. Reports are version-controlled, and system dashboards provide visibility on user access, frequency of report usage and runtimes, and highlights any redundancy in the available reports.

SharePoint Integration

XLCubed Web is a standalone portal, but can optionally integrate very tightly within Foundation, Standard and Enterprise versions of SharePoint from 2010 onward. Reports can be published from XLCubed Excel directly to SharePoint, retaining all interactivity, or can be embedded within part of a more complex SharePoint page using our WebParts.