Most BI tools try to replace Excel. XLCubed extends it, giving unrivaled flexibility in the software used most by data and analytics professionals.

Why do customers from mid-sized organisations to the largest multinational corporates love XLCubed? We work closely with key customers and partners to ensure XLCubed helps them work smarter in all aspects of reporting, and a number of regional customer events have helped highlight some of the main benefits customers see from the products.

  • Unrivalled Flexibility: "There is always a way" - XLCubed's BI focus mixed with deep Excel integration gives huge flexibility in all aspects of reporting and analysis.
  • Speed to Web delivery: Non technical business users can develop reports in the Excel client, and quickly share these across the organisation through XLCubed Web.
  • Accessibility: Users with little or no BI tool experience can access and present the data they need with minimal training, in any version of Office.
  • Consistent User interface: One design environment for Dashboards, Standard reporting and Data exploration.
  • SharePoint independence / SharePoint integration: Web and mobile enable Excel-developed reports without SharePoint, or tightly integrated within SharePoint.

For over a decade XLCubed have provided the most flexible and accessible Analysis Services client tools for business users. Version 9 adds connectors for relational databases, Big Data sources and other platforms including Power BI and SAP HANA. We work in an extended Excel environment power users are comfortable in, addressing PivotTable restrictions and with straightforward web and mobile deployment. The result is the sophistication of a bespoke BI tool extended with the flexibility of Excel. Business users are more productive, and in control of their reporting and analysis needs. IT can focus on the data platform rather than responding to adhoc business reporting requests.

In our experience customers have chosen XLCubed for a variety of reasons including:

  • Managed self-service reporting and analytics for business users.
  • Self-service, best practice dashboards for Web and mobile deployment.
  • Existing Analysis Services users upgrading from Pivot tables due to functional limitations or performance problems.
  • Upgrading from competitive or legacy reporting tools.
  • Data Warehouse migrations from other platforms to Microsoft Sql Server, and seeking a stronger in-Excel offering to gain user acceptance.
  • Value - XLCubed doesn't require a high initial investment.

The entry level is a 5-pack of XLCubed Excel edition for $3,900 which includes the first year's support and maintenance, and the unit price falls through additional volume bands. As users can leverage existing Excel skills, training time and costs are also typically much lower than with bespoke BI tools.

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Unrivalled Flexibility:
"There is always a way"

Ultimately the products need to work in your environment and on your own data, and we’re happy to provide XLCubed on a time limited evaluation basis to enable that. To discuss your interest in more detail, or arrange a web based overview please contact us at