In today's marketplace of increased competition and more informed consumers, there is huge pressure on price. Companies are striving to define their value proposition while managing complex broker networks.

The pressurised environment makes it vital that the business users are in a position to effectively analyse the business, rather than just report on it. XLCubed provides free format, data connected reporting in Excel or on the Web, which speeds the reporting cycle, freeing time for analysis.

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In Sales and Market Research reporting, getting the data is straightforward, in fact most companies are swimming in it. Accessing the data in a meaningful and flexible way can be much more difficult.

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Understanding Customer Profitability is a key challenge in the current economic climate and requires a deep understanding of Customer purchase habits and the incurred costs to provide that product.

In many organizations, profitability is the domain of finance, where the fiscal and legal needs dominate and the detail of individual customer profitability is lost. Providing a rich analytic platform which allows an assessment down to the particular deal creates a degree of transparency that allows real insight.

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Oil and Gas

XLCubed is used daily within Upstream and Downstream applications in some of the world's largest Oil and Gas companies. From market driven Retail Forecourt pricing, to the complex cost build up required in Industrial pricing, our software helps downstream users monitor and understand the environment, and make better pricing decisions.

XLCubed is also used as a key component in the tracking of proven and non-proven reserves, and within mid and long term planning processes.

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Financial Services

With the problems and turmoil of recent years, Risk Management has now assumed unparalleled importance within financial services. XLCubed provides institutions with the client toolset to report, analyse and understand the operational risk position. Whether managing at a deal, fund manager, desk, or corporate level, XLCubed has the intuitive yet powerful query and analytic platform needed to help understand and manage both risk and performance.

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