Financial Services

Understanding Customer Profitability is a key challenge in the current economic climate and requires a deep understanding of Customer purchase habits and the incurred costs to provide that product.

In many organizations, profitability is the domain of finance, where the fiscal and legal needs dominate and the detail of individual customer profitability is lost. Providing a rich analytic platform which allows an assessment down to the particular deal creates a degree of transparency that allows real insight.

Common questions include:

  • How do Customers / Sales Executives / Regions compare?
  • Which Customers / Products are we 'losing' on?
  • Which Customers constitute 80% of our business?

The list is potentially endless, and these insights can be translated into action and monitored going forward. To achieve rich analytics – XLCubed can provide an application framework to help:

  • Model the Business
    • Define extendable Entities, Relationships and Attributes
    • Implement a Rich Complex Cost Model
      • Multi Level Calculations
      • Alternative Cost Model’s
  • Source the Data
    • Provides ETL capabilities to get data into the model
      • Interfaces
      • Manual Input
      • Excel Upload
    • Audit & Control the maintenance of the data
  • Integrated Forecasting Capabilites
  • Model Reports, Dashboards and Analysis Layouts

Our experience is that Customer Profitability projects can fail to deliver the insight that was intended either through a cost model which is over simplified, or too inflexible. XLCubed solutions are designed with flexibility and evolution ant their core, they can grow to handle changing business need.