In today's marketplace of increased competition and more informed consumers, there is huge pressure on price.

Companies are striving to define their value proposition while managing complex broker networks. The pressurised environment makes it vital that the business users are in a position to effectively analyse the business, rather than just report on it. XLCubed provides free format, data connected reporting in Excel or on the Web, which speeds the reporting cycle, freeing time for analysis.

XLCubed gives underwriters, actuaries, management and finance the extended and data-connected Excel environment they need to manage and analyse the business. Complex triangulations, and cumulative ‘as at’ calculations are centralised within the cube, and available for simple selection within client XLCubed reports and analyses. Premiums, claims and risk position and exposures can be monitored on a granular level, and powerful ranking and filtering capabilities enable easy tracking of over and underperforming brokers and clients.

The increased data visibility and accessibility helps ensure regulatory compliance, and helps track and identify irregularities and potential fraud.