Oil and Gas

XLCubed is used daily within Upstream and Downstream applications in some of the world's largest Oil and Gas companies.

From market driven Retail Forecourt pricing, to the complex cost build up required in Industrial pricing, our software helps downstream users monitor and understand the environment, and make better pricing decisions. XLCubed is also used as a key component in the tracking of proven and non-proven reserves, and within mid and long term planning processes.


Retail Pricing - The ability to effectively and flexibly monitor and understand the market on a localised basis is hugely important. Using that understanding to define strategy and make accurate and instant targeted pricing decisions drives competitive advantage within the localised market, and on a national level.

XLCubed provides pricing analysts the flexible reporting and analytics environment they need to track and understand market developments.

Used as a part of the RAMP retail module, XLCubed becomes a key part of the pricing analysts’ toolset, and the primary development environment for the scorecards and dashboards used to monitor overall performance on a national and regional level.

Industrial and Wholesale Pricing - The cost build up and multitude of pricing mechanisms in Industrial fuel pricing is a complex area, and iRAMP gives an unparalleled level of visibility and control to the analysts. XLCubed is used within iRAMP to provide the analysts with the powerful and flexible query facility they need, alongside the rich data driven web dashboard capability required by senior management.


XLCubed helps analysts in some of the world’s largest oil companies analyse their non-proven reserve opportunities, and track their progress right through the lifecycle to becoming a proven reserve. The flexibility to slice and dice the data as required on an ad-hoc basis within the familiar Excel environment, while leveraging existing skills delivers significant productivity gains to the business user.

XLCubed is also used in the mid and long term planning process, providing a key component in the analysis and summary reporting, and fully supporting cube writeback.